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Daily Practice Leads to Progress

Students reading as little as 15 minutes per day show notable achievement gains. Rally Reader encourages and rewards streaks to help students develop healthy reading habits.
Aiden, 6th grade
Now I can read in my room and without my mom correcting every word.
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Tutoring FAQ’s

How does the FREE Parent Info Session work?

We offer one free session to each household so that you can see if Rally Reader Tutoring is right for you. You can choose to attend the free session with or without your child. If you want to discuss your child’s needs with the tutor without your child present, we recommend attending alone.

Do I need to attend every session with my child?

No, the tutoring sessions do not require parent or caregiver participation for children to attend. However, you are welcome to sit in if you wish.

Can I buy just one or two tutoring sessions?

At this time, we only offer packages. If you’re wondering if tutoring is right for your child, learn more and sign up for our FREE Info Session to find out.

How do I know how many sessions my child needs?

We recommend scheduling at least 1 session per week. Kids who struggle with reading or who need additional support to read regularly may benefit from 2 sessions per week.

If you are not sure what is right for your child, please reach out to us at or schedule a free session to discuss with one of our tutors.

Do I need the Rally Reader app to do tutoring?

Yes! All tutoring sessions after the FREE Info Session take place in the app, and the Rally Reader app captures information about your child’s reading that helps ensure the tutoring sessions are best tailored to their needs.

Does my child get the same tutor every time?

Yes, your child will have the same tutor for each session. (Exceptions may be made if a tutor is ill.)

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes! We love having siblings. When you sign up one child, you’ll receive a 20% discount for your other children.

Can I use the Rally Reader app without having a tutoring package?

Absolutely! You can get the app here on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android is coming soon.

Can schools sign up for tutoring?

At this time, no, but send us an email at to learn more about our school offerings.

Do you offer tutoring in languages other than English?

At this time, sessions are conducted in English, and our tutors use best practices for supporting children learning English.

What devices can I use?

We support iPads running iOS 11 or later. While an iPhone can be used, the larger screen size of the iPad provides a better experience for kids.

The Rally Reading app must be installed on the device and your child will need to be signed into their Rally account to complete their tutoring sessions.

Do I need an internet connection?

Tutoring sessions require an internet connection or data plan that supports video conferencing.

Can I continue tutoring beyond 3 months?

Sure! You can purchase and schedule additional tutoring sessions online.

Other questions?

Contact us at and we’ll get you an answer.